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March 31, 2006
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Wolfen Warrior: Vos by Pink-Myotis Wolfen Warrior: Vos by Pink-Myotis
GAW, Generic Anthro Wolf.

This one however is named Vos. And he looks more bulky and uh, Orcish, compared to most of my 'Anthro' drawings.
His weapons is based off of something I saw in a game, blades like that rock!
I've wanted to draw an anthro like this ever since I found a picture of some Warhammer-esque Wolfen Warrior figure, a long, long time ago! (If it is Warhammer where this wolfy thingy is from, me wanteee!)
I was going to colour this, but decided not to because I like the lines too much! XD

He's adorable. But besides that point, I will rename him Mr. Snuggles and love him and take care of him, and take him for waaaaaaalks. And I will make him bludgeon my enemies with that funky blade thing.
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cool not bad at all. come check out my artwork.
wohoo... i really love this one~~
Lazzuu Sep 3, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's sooo cool! ^^
It's a figurine from Rackham's Confrontation.
They have far greater detail than Games Workshop Models.
They have this slightly cartoonesque touch, but imo they look a lot better than the average Warhammer figurine (maybe with exceptions to the Grey Knights of WH40K and the Wood Elves of WHFB).

Very well drawn. At first I thought you had used one of the Wolfen drawings from Rackham to copy this from. It really captures the spirit of the Wolfen.
Pink-Myotis Aug 25, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh yay! Thanks so much on the link, now at least I know what my Wolfen actually was! The wolfen look meaty and huge, it's awesome.
I get what you mean about the greater details and such, the Rackham's Confrontation figures are really, really well detailed and often beautifully carved out! I want one.

I never actually copy anything, and some of the things on the Wolfen image I had were too impossible for me to do at the time, so I just decided to construct my own! I didn't even know there were any drawings of the Wolfen at all.

Thank you very much on your comment, it helped me heaps! :heart:
Vanguard, an MMORPG that is supposed to be released in July, has a crap load of races and dogmen are gunna be one of them. This pick would so inspire me to play one which I will maybe if I get into beta. I'll make him a rogue or berserker. XD

I love the picture and as always I love your work. You're so talented Pinky! :)
Pink-Myotis Mar 31, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, thanks! :hump: :hump:
As long as you name him Vos...Vos needs the love!

I luffle other races, I'd be a cat-person myself!
god! your detail is so amazing! extremely well done! XD
Pink-Myotis Mar 31, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Thankies, just me drawing anthros. Nothing to it! XD
OMIGOD!!!! Its so freakin' awsome!! :mouthdrop: i luvs it so much!!!
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